Who We Are

The mission of Volunteer Park Trust is to preserve and enhance this city and national landmark for today and for generations to come.

Centrally located on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, Volunteer Park represents the most complete and well-preserved example of the Olmsted Brothers’ design approach for Seattle city parks.

Volunteer Park incorporates one of Seattle’s first reservoirs, built in 1900, as the core of the city’s municipal supply system. The Park also includes a rustic, brick-clad water tower with observation deck, a Conservatory, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, an historic shelter house, wading pool and play area, a performance stage, tennis courts, public art and memorials, and significant heritage trees.

Widely used and much loved, Volunteer Park serves as both a citywide destination and a neighborhood park in one of Seattle’s densest, most prominent neighborhoods.

What We Do

Our beloved park is in need of immediate and long term stewardship beyond what the city can do. Its future is in jeopardy.

In response to this challenge, the Trust is working in partnership with neighbors, Department of Neighborhoods, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle Parks Foundation, Seattle Art Museum, and the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Current and future projects include:


  • Replace the aging performance stage with an updated Amphitheater.  $1.7 million in funding has been secured to date. Our Capitol Campaign starts in February 2019 with construction to start in 2020.

  Ongoing current projects:

  • Organize and host events for all ages, ranging from the Halloween Pet Parade, talks and tours to garden parties and seasonal celebrations.
  • Address water and power sustainability in the park.
  • Reclaim green areas, complete landscaping and long-term green maintenance, and restore central gardens and park entry plantings.
  • Upgrade the park’s southeast entrance to create a safe, welcoming entryway to the park.
  • Help with future renovations of the Water Tower.
  • Work to preserve the Reservoir, including a perimeter “Sunset Promenade Walk.”
  • Make the park safer and friendlier with better signs.

Finished projects include:


  • Enhanced park safety by replacing the insubstantial wire fencing around both Lily Ponds with beautifully designed, wrought iron metal fencing.
  • Upgraded the park lighting in partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation with energy efficient LED lighting, new globes, and new paint.
  • Negotiated the restoration of a lost Olmsted pathway as part of the Seattle Asian Art Museum renovations.
  • Weeding, cleaning, mulching, and removal of invasive plants in garden beds along 15th Ave E.
  • Monthly garden maintenance


  • Seattle Garden Club Bed completed
  • Peach Garden II Bed completed
  • Restoration of garden beds west of the Water Tower
  • Monthly garden maintenance


  • Restoration of garden beds south of the Reservoir
  • Clearing, preparation, and planting for Peach Garden II
  • Wyman Rose Garden completed
  • Monthly garden maintenance


  • Upgraded, repaired, and extended the Volunteer Park irrigation system.
  • Ivy removal from beds surrounding the Tennis Courts
  • Restoration of garden beds on the west side of park
  • Restoration of garden beds south of the Reservoir
  • Complete restoration of garden beds along 15th Ave E.
  • Monthly garden maintenance


  • Begin restoration of garden beds along 15th Ave E.
  • Ivy removal from major beds in the northwest corner of the park
  • Restoration of central garden beds east of the Amphitheater
  • Monthly garden maintenance


  • Peach Garden I completed
  • Restoration of garden beds northwest of the Reservoir
  • Restoration of garden beds south of the Reservoir and along E. Prospect St.
  • Monthly garden maintenance


  • Restoration of garden beds northeast of the Reservoir
  • Monthly garden maintenance

You may wonder why Seattle Parks and Recreation isn’t funding this work. Unfortunately, Parks has hundreds of millions of dollars in backlogged maintenance costs and must spread their resources among all the parks.

 How You Can Help

The future and success of these goals rests with all of us who love the Park. Please join the Trust to ensure that Volunteer Park remains a magnificent urban oasis for another 100 years.

  • Attend one of our fun-filled events. Holiday in the Park and Picnic in the Park are hosted by Volunteer Park Trust for the entire community to enjoy.
  • Volunteer. We are a volunteer organization that would love your help. Volunteer opportunities which fit your schedule and maximize your talents are available – whether that’s volunteering at our Spring and Fall Stewardship days, cleaning up the Park at our Second Saturday Work Parties, helping with an event, or joining one of our committees.
  • Become a Steward of the Trust. All of your donations help us restore Seattle’s historic green oasis to its true glory. Every donation, big or small, helps immensely and is received with absolute gratitude. Click here to donate now through our fiscal sponsor Seattle Parks Foundation.
  • Become a corporate sponsor. Click here to go to our Sponsorship page.

Thank you to our current donors and volunteers!

Steering Committee


  • Brian Giddens, Steering Committee Chair
  • Ellen Look, Steering Committee Vice Chair
  • Brad Shutzberg, Treasurer


  • Doug Bayley, Emeritus, Sustainability Coalition Liaison
  • Kyle Capizzi, Ex Officio, Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks Liaison
  • Ian Forrest, Marketing Committee Chair
  • Jackie Gonzales, Capital Projects Committee Chair
  • Patty Helberg, Events Committee Co-Chair
  • Nancy Iannucci, Events Committee Co-Chair
  • Brooks Kolb, Landscape Committee Chair
  • Jennifer Ott
  • Laura Skelton, Development Committee Chair
  • Jane Stonecipher


  • Jeff Rinedahl, Administrative Services Manager  email Jeff

Other Committees

See a complete list of our standing committees at our Volunteer Page




Thank you to the following donors who made gifts to Volunteer Park Trust from January 2017 through December 2017.

$25,000 +

  • Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

$10,000 +

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gifts
  • Barb and Doug Herrington
  • Mary Ann and Dave Keyser
  • Ellen Look and Tony Cavalieri

$5,000 +

  • Sarah Van Arsdale Cook
  • Brian Giddens and Steve Rovig
  • Kathy and Albert Greenberg
  • Roy Hamrick and Stephen Carstens

$2,500 +

  • 4Culture Preservation Sustained Support
  • Alan Fine and Carol Terry
  • Patty Helberg and David Smukowski
  • Lucile and David James
  • Greg and Corina Linden
  • Microsoft Matching Gifts
  • Seattle Parks Foundation

$1,000 +

  • Anonymous
  • Denis Adair
  • Aegis on Madison
  • Alaska Airlines Matching Gift Program
  • Doug Bayley
  • Ian Forrest and Emily Schikora
  • Beck Hallman
  • Winky and Peter Hussey
  • Nancy Iannucci and Harvey Jones
  • Robert Jenkins
  • Benjamin Jenson
  • Pam and Jack Jolley
  • Scott and Louisa Malatos
  • Tom and Carolee Mathers
  • Roger Nyhus
  • Puget Sound Bank

$1,000 + continued

  • Janice Sears and Thomas Brown
  • Brad Shutzberg
  • Jane Stonecipher
  • Stephen Sullivan
  • Summit East Fund
  • Ellen Vernon
  • Weyerhaeuser Company WAVES Program

$500 +

  • Anonymous
  • Phoebe Andrew
  • Jeff Crandall and Jéaux Rinehart
  • Eric and Tracy Dobmeier
  • Jane Harvey and Charles Curtis
  • Anders and Liz Hejlsberg
  • Sharon Lee
  • Janet O’Leary and Debbie Smith
  • Susan and Rohan Oommen
  • Jennifer and Brad Ott
  • Olivia Pi-Sunyer and Andrew DeVore
  • Patricia and Gary Takacs
  • Pamela and Ronald Taylor
  • CJ Voss and Anne Lyons
  • Walter Weber and Teri Kopp
  • Laura Welland
  • Larry and Susan Winn

$250 +

  • Anonymous
  • Dawn Aiken and Miguel DeCampos
  • Joel and Sandy Aslanian
  • Bonnie Baker
  • Lucia Baratta Sessions and John Sessions
  • Daniel Becker and Will Quantz
  • Dana and Rena Behar
  • Stephen and Julie Bishop
  • Boeing Gift Matching Program
  • Sally Burkhart and Hugh Rubin
  • David Camenisch and Laura Kates
  • Beth and Pete Chiarelli

$250 + continued

  • Pete and Merrily Chick
  • Catherine Clifford
  • Barbee and Jim Crutcher
  • Amanda and Emmett Doerr
  • William Etnyre and Michael Lonesome-Etnyre
  • Gary Fallon and Leona DeRocco
  • Ann Fasano
  • Robin Fleming and Bernie Russell
  • Gary Fuller and Randy Everett
  • Joseph and Terri Gaffney
  • Jane Hedreen and David Thyer
  • Susan and Benjamin Hempstead
  • Laura Inveen and Bill Shaw
  • Sam and Sylvia Ketcham
  • Serena Jean Ketcham
  • Christine Khosropour and Brian Schmidt
  • Quentin King and Glen Kriekenbeck
  • Mary and Allan Kollar
  • Tom Lennon and Patricia Keegan
  • George and Beverly Martin
  • Scott and Shelley McIntyre
  • Alexandra Mertens and Zachary Smith
  • Moccasin Lake Foundation
  • Manette Moses and Dan Jayne
  • Rebecca Norlander and James Allard
  • Karen Pavlidis and Sean Draine
  • Kimerly Rorschach and John Hart
  • Jackie Saunders
  • Melanie Schaffer
  • Seattle GiveCamp
  • Shamra Clark Consulting Group
  • Pat Siggs
  • Laura Skelton and Thomas Buford
  • Ann and Daniel Streissguth
  • Catherine Thayer
  • Robert and Kathy Thompson
  • Jennifer and Andrew Ting
  • Martha Ways and Tim Lee
  • Barbara and Charlie Wright

$100 +

  • Anonymous
  • Kathleen Albrecht and Pete McCormick
  • Julie Allen and Stephan Doll
  • Sarah and Bob Alsdorf
  • Carol Anderson
  • Ben Bakkenta and Eric Snow
  • Sybil Barney and Joel Shepard
  • Richard Bensinger
  • John Berg and Rob Roth
  • Michael Bevan
  • Peter and Frances Bigelow
  • Carol Binder
  • James Blatz
  • Elisabeth Bottler
  • Karen Boudreau
  • Cynthia and Daniel Chirot
  • Robert Clark and Peter Shalit
  • Ann Condon
  • Kevin Cook and Andrew Sandler
  • Michael and Sheila Cory
  • Barbara and Jeff Curran
  • Karen Daubert and Jared Smith
  • James Degel and Jeanne Berwick
  • Mary Dickinson
  • Gerald and Karrie Dinndorf
  • Kathleen Drummey
  • Jacqueline Durgin and Paul Beck
  • Thomas and Sandra Eichbaum
  • Jennifer Emrich and Andrew Kwatinetz
  • Jacob Engelstein
  • Jessica Feldman
  • Barbara and Tim Fielden
  • John Flinn and Bill Hollands
  • Barbara Floyd
  • Rebecca Fox and Robert Heller
  • Emma and Zachary Freeman
  • Anne and Stan Friedlander
  • Phyllis Friedman
  • Bryan Galipeau
  • David and Elizabeth Garcia
  • Richard and Mary Beth Gemperle
  • Carrie Harness
  • Amy Harper
  • Gloria Hennings
  • Christopher Howard
  • Deborah Jacobs
  • Ana Kimball
  • Brooks Kolb
  • Suzanne Kotz and Steve Tarnoff
  • Robert and Janet Lackman
  • Cynthia Lantry
  • Douglas and Kathryn Little
  • Julie and Tom Lombardo
  • Marilyn Love
  • Edward Manley
  • Jo and Peter Momcilovich
  • Sue and David Nicol
  • David and Barbara Nordfors
  • Jessica and Quinn Obenauf
  • John and Lindy Odland
  • Gail and Robert O’Donnell
  • Ryan & Wendy Ogaard
  • Katherine O’Sullivan and Baird Johnson
  • Patrick Dunn & Associates LTD
  • Deborah Person
  • Robert Pyzalski and Lauren Olsho
  • Pat and Mary Ragen
  • Sandra and Steve Ramsey
  • Carolyn and David Rankin
  • Eric Reinitz
  • Kristin and Chris Ryan
  • Martha and Donald Sands
  • Frederick and Connie Scheetz
  • Jeff and Julie Schoenfeld
  • Craig Schreiner
  • Julia Schuchart
  • Christine and Josh Stepherson
  • David and Dana Taft
  • Margaret Taylor
  • Polly Teeter
  • Liz Thomas and Ron Roseman
  • Jean Viereck and Robert Leventhal
  • Paul Vonckx and Zanny Milo
  • Pat and Ed Wagner
  • Larry Wall
  • Ms. Joella Werlin
  • Joe Whitford
  • Robert Wilkus
  • Susan Winokur and Paul Leach
  • Barry and Cora Wixey
  • Stephen Worth
  • William Wurts
  • Olivia Yang
  • Bryan and Sally Yates
  • Judith Zeh

Up to $99

  • Anonymous
  • Michelle Accardi-Ravid
  • Denis Altudov
  • Sally and Bart Amey
  • Robin Andrews
  • Kenn Arning
  • Karin Baer
  • Putnam Barber and Valerie Lynch
  • Caron Benedetti and Greg Cargill
  • Carolyn Blount
  • Paul Bottage
  • Catherine Brand
  • Noah Brenner
  • Carrie Bryant
  • Tim Burak
  • Ray Calabro and Tommy Semper
  • Dorothy Canavan
  • Clare Canzoneri
  • Joan Clement
  • Debra Connell
  • Mary and Chris Connors
  • Don Corliss and Franklin Reed
  • Robert and Bev Corwin
  • Jayne Dehaan
  • Maureen DiGiacomo
  • Monica Dimick
  • Brian Downing
  • Michael and Rosemary Dunigan
  • Judy and Marshall Eaton
  • Thomas and Kathleen Fawthrop
  • Kathryn Flohr
  • Robert Forrest
  • Evelyn Frassrand
  • Wendy Freitag
  • Sharon Friel
  • Shawn George
  • Google Inc. Matching Gift Program
  • Patty Gorman and Richard Knutson
  • Nikolai Gregoric
  • Warren Guykema
  • Craig and Susan Harrison
  • Steven Helgerson
  • Kit and Newby Herrod
  • Catherine Hillenbrand and Joseph Hudson
  • Margaret Horrigan and Terry Foster
  • Anne Howell
  • Derek Huang
  • Dennis and Doris Hudson
  • Evaline Huntington
  • IBM Matching Grants Program
  • Jason Ishiguro
  • Sumedh Kanetkar
  • Rebecca and Fred Kaplan
  • Paula Koch
  • Dale Kremer
  • Penelope Kriese
  • Eeshan Kumar
  • Karen Larson
  • Anson Laytner
  • Margaret Lemberg
  • Barry and Janet Lewine
  • Konrad Liegel and Karen Atkins
  • Lamar Lowe
  • Jessica Ludders and Jack Hunter
  • Michelle Lynch
  • Cima Malek-Aslani and Walter Schacht
  • Anne and Jon Manos
  • Alan Marrero and Mary Franko
  • Shara Maurer
  • Reba and Cam McIntyre
  • Brian and Patti McKillop
  • Jacob Miner
  • John Narver and Roberta DeVore
  • Sue Nevler and Stephen Gattis
  • Samantha Novak
  • John and Ellen Olson
  • Mary Jane Orvis
  • Vincent Pecchia
  • Michael and Susan Peskura
  • Stephen Phillips
  • Heidi Powell
  • Simon Rasch
  • Joanna and Jeffrey Richey
  • Harriet Riley
  • Dana Rohde
  • Alma Rolfs
  • Charles and Susan Routh
  • Bryce and Chris Seidl
  • Alaina Sheen
  • Kevin Smith
  • Judith Solomon
  • Rebecca and Fred Strong
  • Suzanne Tedesko
  • Robert and Margaret Thompson
  • Bettina and Alan Troy
  • Tiffany Tudder
  • Janet Ulman
  • George and Jean Wagner
  • Jennifer Wah
  • Lisa Wahbe
  • Mary Lou and Jim Wickwire
  • Cathy Wickwire
  • Crystal Wilson
  • John A Wott


In-Kind Support



We want to recognize and to thank the donors and families who helped to create Volunteer Park Trust with their generous gifts of $1,000 or more during our founding years of 2012-2014.

      • Phoebe and Lucius Andrew
      • Doug and Mary Bayley
      • Allison Beezer
      • Alan and Sally Black
      • Ashley Ann Bullitt
      • Kay Bullitt
      • Tracy and Eric Dobmeier
      • Vasiliki Dwyer
      • Kathryn Fleischer and David Stein
      • Brian Giddens and Steve Rovig
      • Blake and Erika Grayson
      • Roy Hamrick and Stephen Carstens
      • Doug and Barb Herrington
      • Gretchen Hull
      • Winky and Peter Hussey
      • Barbara Huston
      • Nancy Iannucci and Harvey Jones
      • Lucile and David James
      • Robert Jenkins

      • Tim Kerr and Cynthia Wells
      • Mary Ann and Dave Keyser
      • Mary and Allan Kollar
      • Nancy Larson
      • Ellen Look and Tony Cavalieri
      • Carolee and Tom Mathers
      • Pamela and Bob McCabe
      • Marcus and Pat Meier
      • Harvey Motulsky and Lisa Morton
      • Melissa Ries and Pat Kennedy
      • Janice Sears and Thomas Brown
      • Brad Shutzberg
      • David and Jannie Spain
      • Leigh Toner and Christopher Capossela
      • John and Kristine Travaglini
      • Wyman Youth Trust
      • Jean Walkinshaw
      • Laura Welland and John Jordan