Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Park Trust was created by friends and neighbors to preserve and enhance this city and national landmark today and for generations to come. We are a volunteer organization that would love your help.

Volunteer opportunities which fit your schedule and maximize your talents are available – whether that’s volunteering at our Spring and Fall Restoration days, cleaning up the park at our Second Saturday Work Parties, helping with an event, or joining one of the following committees:

Landscape Committee - Now recruiting new members

The Landscape Committee determines targets for landscape restoration and maintenance in collaboration with the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department (SPR).  They plan for the restoration of targeted areas to reclaim the park’s historic beauty and integrity. They oversee the planting and maintenance of restored areas.   In conjunction with the Development and Events Committees, Landscape Committee members develop and conduct educational tours for VPT donors and the public. They provide input and guidance to the Capitol Projects Committee on issues related to the historic Olmsted Brothers’ park design legacy. The Chair communicates with Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks regarding proposed projects to further ensure consistency with the Olmsted legacy.  The Chair serves as the liaison with Seattle Parks & Recreation’s crew chief who oversees care of Volunteer Park   Work parties and informal committee meetings are held the second Saturday of every month in the park from 10:00 AM to noon. Larger restoration events are also held each spring and fall. This committee is currently recruiting new members.

Events Committee - Now recruiting new members

The Events Committee organizes and publicizes Volunteer Park Trust activities to raise awareness of the work of Volunteer Park Trust and to create a sense of community by drawing people into the Park. They facilitate and promote restoration workdays in collaboration with the Landscape Committee. They assist the Development Committee in planning and holding events to cultivate donors. The Events Committee serves as the liaison with Seattle Parks & Recreation, SAAM and Volunteer Park Conservatory to coordinate and promote events. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month from 6:00-7:00 PM, usually on Capitol Hill. This committee is currently recruiting new members.

Marketing Committee - Now recruiting new members

Help us spread the word about Volunteer Park Trust! The Marketing Committee develops and leads  outreach to donors and park users. The committee manages the coordinated effort to promote capital and landscape projects and events.  We use social media, this website, newsletters, in-park signage, brochures, poster and direct mailings.  Meetings are held by conference call to ensure maximum flexibility. This committee is currently recruiting new members.

Development Committee - Now recruiting new members

The Development Committee develops and executes a plan for fundraising to meet VPT annual operational goals and long-term sustainability goals.  It includes a variety of sources in the plan including grants and individual and business donations. The Development Committee works with the Marketing Chair to develop and execute a plan for donor communication and stewardship. The Chair serves as the liaison with the Seattle Parks Foundation and works with them in the development of the annual fundraising plan, a plan for long-term financial sustainability and all Capital Campaigns. Meetings are scheduled as needed, from  5:30-6:30pm on Capitol Hill. This committee is currently recruiting new members.

Steering Committee - Now recruiting new members

The Steering Committee is responsible for developing and evaluating the progress toward reaching the annual and long-term goals of the VPT and approving the annual budget.  Members set overall policy and direction of the organization and delegate responsibility of the day-to-day operations to the staff and committees. Officers include; Chair, Vice-Chair for Capital Projects, Vice-Chair for Operations, Secretary and Treasurer. Members include: all committee and task force chairs and a liaison with the Friends of Seattle Olmsted Parks.  Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month from 5:00-6:30pm.  This committee is currently recruiting new members.

Capital Projects Committee - Now recruiting new members

The Capital Projects Committee leads the development and implementation of strategy to ensure that future major capital projects serve to enhance the appearance and usage of the park, consistent with its historical legacy.  Our current and future capital projects include the Volunteer Park Lily Pond Fencing, Lighting Upgrade, the Amphitheater, the Reservoir, and the Water Tower.  The committee works closely with Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Volunteer Park Sustainability Coalition to coordinate mutual goals and assure smooth implementation of projects. This committee is currently recruiting new members.

Please email us at info@volunteerparktrust.org to explore how you can help to support our Mission. We’d love to hear from you!