Peach Garden II

Peach Garden II
In June of 2015, Volunteer Park Trust received a grant from the Peach Foundation to design and install the second part of the Peach Garden. The garden is located northwest of the north Lily Pond on the main concourse of Volunteer Park. Over the next two years, Volunteer Park Trust:
  • Prepared scaled drawings of existing plants, soil type, and light exposures. We have located and consulted with the original planting designs from 1910.
  • Consulted with Seattle Parks and Recreation landscape design review board regarding existing trees and shrubs; appropriate shrubs for planting that are similar to the original Olmsted design but requiring less sun; as well as the shape of the planting beds.
  • Organized volunteer clean up events to clear and prepare the site and, working with Seattle Parks staff, cleared the area of invasive plants, mulched, and prepared the bed for planting.
  • Commissioned an irrigation review and plan to assure sufficient watering of the garden.
  • Completed irrigation upgrades
  • Planted the bed
The bed is now fully installed and Volunteer Park Trust is dedicated to weeding and maintaining the park’s newest fully restored garden bed!