Street Lamp Improvement

Volunteer Park Lamp Globe

Volunteer Park Trust worked in partnership with Seattle Parks & Recreation and Seattle Public Utilities to improve the lighting throughout Volunteer Park.

Dim & Damaged

Until recently, Volunteer Park’s 40 street lamps used inefficient sodium bulbs. Their decades-old lamp globes were dirty, damaged, and blocked too much light.

A Bright Solution

Now all the park’s street lamps have been replaced with modern, brighter, energy efficient, LED bulbs, broken lamp globes have been replaced, and the dirty globes cleaned. We now have a brighter, safer park after sunset.

The paint on all 30 metal light poles throughout the park was weather beaten, peeling, and unsightly.  Volunteer Park Trust and Seattle Parks and Recreation contracted New Finishes, Inc. to complete new, electrostatic painting of the poles, including:

  • Moss removal and sanding
  • Iron phosphate treatment on any rust
  • Electrostatic epoxy primer
  • Electrostatic 2-component urethane topcoat

Completed in October 2018, this $35,000 painting project was funded entirely by Volunteer Park Trust thanks to our many donors. The poles are now painted a uniform color that is based on the past paint color.   As a “maintenance” project, the pole repainting did not require Seattle Landmarks Board review.

The newly painted light poles help bring Volunteer Park back to the level of stateliness and elegance intended by its original designers, the Olmsted Brothers.